Local insurance companies are becoming rare and hard to find as national brands take over. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) found that over 50% of life, property, and casualty insurance market shares belong to 10 insurance companies. These larger insurance companies that encapsulate so much of the market share in the US don’t have the capacity to develop personal relationships with their clients. 

Instead, call centers bounce around their clients in a quest for attention. They become faceless entities, competing for help and answers and struggling to advocate for their best interests among tons of other clients seeking to do the same. Moreover, clients of these national companies may find themselves locked into and overpaying for unchangeable packages that don’t always include the specific coverage they desperately need. Does this nightmare feel familiar to you?

Luckily, there’s a solution – a way to remedy the headaches caused by national insurance brands. 


Insure Locally


When finding insurance, you must find a reliable partner to protect your life, loved ones, or business. A trusted relationship with a local broker is the key to great coverage. Local insurance agencies emphasize fostering partnerships, uncovering importance specific to the individual, and building specialized coverage plans based on needs, wants, and cost-effective solutions. 

By working with local insurance brokers you can trust, finding the right coverage at affordable rates will be much easier than working with a national brand. Make your voice heard and ditch the call center for an agent that has the time to build a rapport with you and knows your name and needs. 


Insure Gerety


By primarily serving Harford County, MD for over 25 years, Gerety Insurance operates at a personal level, ensuring they build a trusted relationship with every one of their clients for their various insurance needs, offering protection in: 

  • Commercial Auto
  • Homeowner’s
  • Personal Auto
  • Whole Life
  • Liability Landlord
  • Business
  • And many more personal and commercial protections

Gerety Insurance emphasizes client education so clients fully understand their policies and coverage and have the necessary knowledge to choose the best plan for their needs. Focusing on relationships, personal attention, and education has allowed Gerety Insurance to amass more than 200 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

With Gerety Insurance, it’s easy to find the right coverage at affordable rates because you’ll be working with an agent you know and trust. A smaller client base means help is always available; you won’t have to fight for attention with a national brand any longer. Moreover, Gerety takes a proactive approach to their partnerships, ensuring you have the right coverage and maintain it year after year.

Although national brands continue to dominate the space with impersonal, imperfect coverage, there are still local insurance companies that focus on building trusted partnerships. Gerety Insurance recognizes that you’re a real person with real problems needing timely solutions specific to your needs. When you insure locally with Gerety, you stop being a faceless entity. Learn more, and request a quote today.