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Renters Insurance Maryland: Renting has its advantages…

There are many benefits to being a renter… Let’s face it, you’ve got it pretty good: No property taxes, no lawncare, no shoveling in the winter… Simple and relaxing!

But in the event you return home from work, or perhaps a vacation, and all your possessions inside your home have been damaged by a fire, what would you do? Or what if you come home to find all your valuables have been stolen?

You might think that the owner’s insurance will handle all of these issues.

It doesn’t.


Re-buying everything and starting over

You’ll be surprised at how reasonably priced a renter’s insurance policy can be. Aside from protecting all your valuables, it will cover you from being held liable for injuries to other parties within your home. So, in the unlucky event you are being sued, and the judgment goes against you, the renter’s policy will cover you up to the policy restrictions.

Should you have renter’s insurance?

Almost two-thirds of the 81 million people who rent their homes are uninsured regarding their contents or any culpability arising out of their tenancy. Don’t be a statistic …

Initially, add up exactly how much it might cost to re-buy your items.

Second, find out if renter’s coverage is required by your property owner.  Check with the terms of your lease and verify.

Third, request a renter’s insurance policy quote to verify how affordable it can be to ensure that your items will be replaced in the event of a disaster or theft.

What is covered by renters?

Renters insurance can cover almost all of your personal possessions. Most companies give insurance coverage for electronic digital gear and items, small home appliances, sports gear, camera equipment, clothes, furniture, glasses, glassware and china, and books. Special items like furs, watercraft, jewelry and computer systems and firearms can even be covered with extended protection.

Your renters insurance policy will generally involve:

  • Personal property
  • Further cost of living expenses
  • Short term housing
  • Lawsuits for which your location could be held accountable: Injury to somebody else, injury to another person’s house (regardless of if the accident transpired within your rented residence or elsewhere)

Once more, we encourage all renters to spend just five minutes with a calculator to add up the price of replacing almost everything they own as individual. It could save you thousands of dollars and many headaches in the future!

Call our Harford County insurance professionals and let our experts assist you in creating the best protection for your lifestyle.

Renters Insurance Bel Air MD

Renters Insurance Bel Air MD