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Commercial Property Insurance Maryland

 How efficient would your business be with no modern tools to help your productivity? It’s a necessity to protect the computers, systems, and assets you have in place that allow your business to function on a daily basis, which is where having commercial property insurance in Harford County comes into play.

You may associate commercial property insurance with insuring your building and where your offices are located. However, in most cases what we are protecting more often are the essential systems and tools inside your business that are susceptible to damage, and are much more fragile than your office building.

Great commercial property insurance in Harford County is in place to be your shield of protection from all business losses, whether substantial or minor. With this policy, you will be protected for the replacement cost of all of your vital property.


Property Insurance Coverage

Small business property insurance and commercial property insurance plans can be structured in many ways but they are usually classified by what you choose to protect. Some examples include:

  • Fire damage to your building and its contents
  • Flooding causing all internal assets to be ruined (Inventory, furniture, equipment)
  • Weather damage to outdoor business property (Fences, Landscaping, Signs)

We understand that every business is different, we will provide the best possible plans to fit your business needs as well as your budget.

Here are some common examples of different insurance coverage:

  • Updated building codes coverage covers the cost to upgrade a building so that it meets the most up-to-date building codes after a covered loss (also called Ordinance or Law Coverage).

  • Completed value coverage this covers any building during the construction process.
  • Loss of business income in a situation which causes a halt in your workflow at your business due to damage to your property. This usually covers rental income, payroll, and other business-related costs.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage covers electrical and mechanical systems from power surges, explosions, and failure.
  • Utility services failure or damage as a result of water main breakage, natural gas leaks, or power grid interruptions.

Choose Wisely

It may seem you want the least expensive insurance policy you can get. Many times, this leaves gaps in coverage and you might not always be getting the benefits that you think you’re receiving. Let the local commercial property insurance specialists at Gerety Insurance help you make decisions you can live with.

Commercial Property Insurance Bel Air MD

Commercial Property Insurance Bel Air MD