Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance Maryland: The Threat You Can’t See Coming…

In a simpler time, no business owner dreamed that their stored data, or just the sheer dependence on the digital functions of their business, could put them at such risk. This is why Cyber Liability Insurance in Harford County can come in handy.

But today, the threat of exposing your employee’s or customer’s private financial data to hackers is real. And growing.

That, and the loss or compromise of the entire IT function of your company, could cause severe penalties, lawsuits, or simply the loss of business revenue or business credibility.

Who Needs It?

Cyber liability insurance should be part of the coverage for any business, large or small, any non-profit, or any retail establishment.


Cyber crime is a real thing, and if your business hasn’t yet been hacked or compromised, count your blessings.

What does it cover?

A comprehensive cyber liability policy covers:

—Protection in case of data compromise, of either or both employee and customer information, whether that information was hacked, stolen, or corrupted.

—Forensic data services to research the parameters of the breach

—Data services to restore information or IT functionality

—Credit help services for anyone affected by the breach

—Public relations expenses to mitigate reputational impact to the public

—Legal costs associated with identity breach lawsuits

—Lost revenue and unforeseen expenses due to the cyber-attack or breach

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Cyber Liability Insurance Maryland

Cyber Liability Insurance Maryland