Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Maryland: Keeping You Afloat

Boat Insurance Maryland

Boat Insurance Maryland

As a boat owner, you know the level of responsibility and commitment it takes. You also take on increased risks whether your boat is in the water, or not. This is why boating insurance in Harford County is vital.

Having the right boat insurance protects you against the ‘rough waters’ that could damage your boat, and your finances.


Do you need separate insurance?

Your homeowner’s policy will probably place restrictions on your boat coverage, depending on your boat’s size, horsepower, and cost.

Not having a specific boat insurance policy puts you at risk, whether you have a boating accident by losing control, or if your boat is damaged by you, another boater or a guest, or if the worst happens and it sinks.

Protecting your investment

Boat insurance must be purchased before an accident. So planning ahead to make sure you’re fully covered is the way to go.

Whether your boat is a runabout, wave runner, sailboat, pontoon, house boat, cabin cruiser, fishing boat, yacht or anything inbetween, boat insurance is as vital as any safety equipment you carry.

Knowledge is power, and peace of mind

Know you’re properly covered by speaking with a live, local agent who knows how to make sure you’re protected, but still get the best deal on boat insurance.

Helping you choose the right liability and comprehensive limits, and getting you all the discounts available, is our specialty.


Boat insurance coverage basics

Boat Insurance Maryland

boating insurance Harford County

Boat insurance coverage should include:

  • Personal liability
  • Boat
  • Motor
  • Trailer
  • Medical injuries and physical damage


Saving money on boat insurance

As with other insurances, bundling and having low lifestyle risk factors can save you money with specific discounts for boaters. They can be applied if you:

  • Own your home
  • Have idle assisted steering
  • Insure more than one boat
  • Bundle other kinds of insurance
  • Are the original owner
  • Initiallly pay your annual policy in full
  • Have a clean auto driving record
  • Have a safety course certification

Talk to the professional and experienced Maryland boat insurance agents in our office located on Hickory Avenue in Bel Air.  They can help make sure your boating experience doesn’t wreck your finances or your fun. And may all your landfalls be expected!

Boat Insurance Maryland