Errors and Omission Insurance

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Errors and Omissions Insurance Maryland

Business liability insurance provides coverage against bodily injury and property damage. But if you provide services to businesses and sometimes individual customers for a fee, and if you are late, negligent, or if work is done improperly, you could be liable for the financial loss or harm it causes your clients.

This applies to many professions. It applies to you if you are an accountant, anesthesiologist, architect, attorney, building contractor, consultant, doctor, engineer, financial planners, insurance agents, marketing agency, mortgage or real estate agent, printer, travel planner, wedding planner, and more. Some professions, like medical field, require specific malpractice insurance, while most require a more broad-based non-specific policy.

Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen, and whether it was your error or that of an employee or intern, your company could be held liable. Clients may refuse to pay for late, or errant work, but additionally they may hold you responsible and seek compensation.

E&O Insurance covers you for suits filed against your business for anything that causes a financial loss for a client, for which your error or omission is responsible.

E&O doesn’t cover everything, including usually punitive damages, criminal or dishonest acts, bodily injury, property damage, fee disputes, discrimination based on sex, race, color or creed, or obvious failure to maintain insurance.

But E&O is essential for most, and highly recommended for all professions mentioned above. Lawsuits are expensive and stressful. Despite your training, experience and dedication to professionalism, mistakes can and do happen. Be sure you’re covered. Talk to our experienced, professional  commercial insurance agents at Gerety Insurance to start the process today!

Errors and Omission Insurance Maryland

Errors and Omission Insurance Maryland