Classic Car Insurance


Classic Car Insurance Bel Air MD

Classic Car Insurance Bel Air MD

Own a Classic Car?


You finally invested in the ride that you’ve always dreamed of. Now is the time to insure it with the right protection.

Our coverage will protect your antique or collector car during the beautiful sunny days on the road, the car shows, events and even the rougher days when problems might arise. Your “sweet ride” deserves priority care and coverage when you take it out to show it off.


Not Your Ordinary Car Insurance


When you take your classic car out on the road, people may cheer and wave at you while you dive by. While you wave back with pride, you should be confident that your policy reflects your investment in your vehicle. Classic and collectible cars are valued differently on the marketplace – so a policy that covers something other than “regular use” is probably right for you. That old beauty you’ve worked so hard on, or invested in, should be registered as an older vehicle, and as such, is not valuated at the same market price as other cars (according to standard practices).

How does this affect you? If you have an accident, you might end up paying costs for repairs that you didn’t expect – parts, labor and details that you didn’t know were not covered. A gap in your policy might result in out-of-pocket expenses you were not prepared for.

Our insurance team understands how much time, money, and heart you have invested in your vehicles. This is why we offer customized insurance for antique and classic cars, restorations, modern classic cars, reproductions, replicas and modified collector cars.

An insurance policy for your classic or collectible car differs from your regular auto insurance because it covers the full “collectible value” of your car. This includes the miles you drive each year, along with several other personalized adjustments to the value. With Classic Car Insurance, you only pay for the coverage you need – since you don’t drive this vehicle everywhere and every day, the policy can be tailored to your needs and be surprisingly affordable.


How to cover your Classic Car:


Usage:  We will tailor your coverage based on how often you take your car out on the road.

Storage:  How do you protect your vehicle? Examples of qualifying (and locked) storage facilities include: residential garage, rental unit, barn – you name it! Talk to us about your coverage options.

Keep in mind, a Classic Car Insurance policy is only an “add-on” to your existing coverage.  You must have a standard daily-driver policy on another existing vehicle first. Let our experienced car insurance agents at Gerety Insurance give you the best advice to save you money and make sure you’re covered.


Classic Car Insurance Bel Air MD

Classic Car Insurance Bel Air MD