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Restaurant Insurance Maryland: No Fear Food Service

Restaurant Commercial Insurance maryland

Restaurant Commercial Insurance Maryland

Food service has enough challenges.  Focusing on quality, staffing,  service, marketing, reviews, and safety should be top of mind. Restaurant insurance gives you peace of mind to focus on the important things, while protecting you from risk.

Whether you have a coffee shop, bar, café, cafeteria, diner, deli, fast food franchise, or restaurant, you should be protected from loss from equipment failure causing food spoilage, employee or customer injuries, fire and water damage, and more.

Restaurant insurance plans should cover multiple risk factors, and should include:


  • A Business Owners Policy (BOP) protects you from business-related risks with general liability property insurance, coverage for loss of income, protection against lawsuits and medical liabilities resulting from someone getting hurt on your property.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance is essential to protect your business from medical costs and help cover lost wages for employees who become ill or are injured on the job.
  • Business Crime Insurance protects you from risk from employee theft, robbery, counterfeiting and forgery.
  • You may also need Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

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Restaurant Commercial Insurance maryland

Restaurant Commercial Insurance maryland