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Homeowners Insurance in Maryland: ‘Protect This House’

It’s not just the Baltimore Ravens motto, it is every homeowners concern.

If fire, water damage, theft or structural failure occurs, you can have the peace of mind to know that our local agency has you covered with the proper insurance to handle your loss, less any deductible on your policy.

Similarly, having your investment protected with liability insurance should someone get injured or fall in your home or on your property, covers you against lawsuits that could arise from these events.

There are certainly some instances or disasters for which you know you’d want to be covered. And a standard policy may cover them all, but many homeowners find that when some losses happen, they may be liable to pay out-of-pocket instead. That’s a rude awakening that we can help you avoid.

Homowners insurance is for anyone with a frame house, condo, townhouse, manufactured home, mobile home on land,  second home, rental home or a vacation property.

Homeowners Insurance in Maryland

Home Insurance Considerations

Our local Harford County agents will review all the policy options (riders) that are available and prudent for you to add to your coverage. If any of these happen, you’ll be glad you received wise counsel, and aren’t shouldering a loss alone. They include:

  • Water Damage from surface water, or underground water (may require a special endorsement)
  • Wind damage, lightning and hail
  • Special Liability (standard liability may not be enough if your dog bites someone or causes them to become injured, so consider your pets carefully)
  • Sewer or septic backups (may require a special endorsement)
  • Replacement cost for personal property (not just actual current value)


Make sure you talk to your agent if you:

  • Install a pool
  • Buy a trampoline
  • Purchase any valuable jewelry or artwork
  • Have a dog  (to make sure the type of dog is not excluded from liability)

There are endorsements that can be added to the policy to cover these risks

Many of the above riders and endorsements are not expensive, and of course, when you combine home and auto (and other) policies together, you get more savings.

We are PARTNERS FOR YOUR PROTECTION® and we want to customize your policy so you have no gaps in your coverage

Homeowners Insurance Harford County