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Life Insurance in Maryland: Your Legacy of Caring


Your legacy of caring for your loved ones, even in death and after, is a priceless one.  Ensuring that your family is cared for and not in financial trouble, helps take one worry off their plate when dealing with their grief and loss. Finding an affordable life insurance is a must for every provider who wants to be responsible to their loved ones.


It CAN happen to you…


Just like most insurance policies, you don’t look forward to using it! But a life-ending diagnosis can come at any time, and accidents happen every day. To good people. To people not expecting it. At all.

In life, your first priority is your family and taking care of them. You do it every day. Consider these possiblities:

  • How will your spouse cover your mortgage or other debts?
  • Will burial costs bury them deeper in debt?
  • Who will provide for college for your children?
  • How will they cope with having to produce income while still grieving?

Knowing you’re covered gives great peace of mind when going through an illness, or when faced with possible death from an accident.

Caring for your family even after you’re gone, is the right and responsible thing to do.  And you’ll feel good about it.



There are two main types of life insurance policies from which to choose:

  1. Term Life policies are polices that cover you for a specifc and limited time period, usually 10, 15, or 20 years. These offer less expensive fixed yearly premiums (especially when you’re young) and offer great value to young families with children. To renew a term policy when you’re older is much more expensive, so plan wisely and buy term for as long a period as possible.  Some term life policies offer an option to convert to a whole life policy before it is set to expire.
  2. Whole life covers you for the entire length of your life, no matter at what age you die. These polices also build cash value that can even be borrow against for emergencies.
Life Insurance Harford County

Life Insurance Harford County

Choosing the best option for you, comparing premiums with coverage, is best done with a local professional who can guide you to the best decision for you and your family. You’ll also need to choose the beneficiary or beneficiaries for the policy. These can change over the course of your lifetime, so having a personal relationship with your local insurance professional is wise.

One of the Bel Air life insurance agents at Gerety Insurance can be of invaluable help in purchasing the right life insurance policy. Get the peace of mind of knowing that your family will be able to maintain their current standard of living if you’re gone.