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Contractors Insurance Maryland

Contractors Insurance Maryland: Essential Protection

Contractors insurance in Bel Air is an essential for any tradesman, in that it protects you from liability from faults or accidents that can occur long after the job is done. Whether you performed the work yourself, or just oversaw the contract, you can be held liable and need protection. It’s your livelihood.

Who needs contractor’s insurance? Anyone in building construction, heavy construction or home improvement—including general contractors, developers, renovators, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, handymen, welders, masons, security installers, and more.

For contractors, every job carries risks as well as rewards. You need protection from any accidents or property damage that could yield financial hardship, and so do your customers.


Not ‘One Size Fits All’

Contractors Insurance Bel Air

Contractors Insurance Bel Air

You need only to be concerned every day with the work, and not the risks. That’s why we work with multiple carriers to offer you the right coverage at the right price, so you have peace of mind.

Commercial contractors insurance has many variables and can range from simple one-man trades, to larger builders with many varied tradesmen and job sizes.  Your business is defined by your scope of work, number of employees and the size of jobs, and so is your insurance coverage.

Contractors insurance ensures that you can move on to the next job with confidence, and keep working.


What Can Be Covered?

Here are the main risks you will want to have covered:

  • Equipment and Materials (inland marine) Coverage for losses while these are in transit or stored, whether on or off your premises 
  • Workers Compensation to help with lost wages, cover medical care, as well as protect your business from an employee injury lawsuit
  • Trucks and any commercial vehicles (including your employee’s vehicle while driving on company time) This is coverage for any liability for accidents.
  • Errors and omissions (E&O Insurance) that protects you from liability for negligence, errors, or oversights from your work that create a loss for a customer


This is not an insurance option that you can just overlook. It’s affordable and essential, and our experienced contractor insurance agents at Gerety Insurance will help you get the best coverage at the fairest price. Call us today!

Contractors Insurance Bel Air

Contractors Insurance Bel Air