Missy Hall


Missy Hall

Insurance Advisor


About Missy

Missy takes pleasure in outdoor activities such as camping and crabbing, as well as watching football and spending quality time with loved ones. Her family’s favorite destination is Disney World. After a career in customer service spanning over three decades, she is delighted to be back in the insurance industry.

My Philosophy

Take a risk because even if you fail, there is always growth. Hard work does pay off but sometimes you have to decide how hard do you really want to work to make the improvements. Always remember even small improvements are BIG improvements. This is something I have learned and live by every day.

Years of experience: 30+ years in Customer Service

Working with Missy

What Clients are Saying

“Incredibly Helpful”

I want to shoutout Missy for making my experience so great! I am a first-time car buyer, so Missy really helped me out finding the right insurance for me! Very nice lady and incredibly helpful.

– Charlotte Haggerty


I was with my former insurance company for years and it was time for a change. I ran into the Gerety Insurance folks at First Fridays in Bel Air and talked to Missy Hall about changing my insurance. She was wonderful! She helped make sure I had adequate coverage and diligently obtained many quotes before my current insurance renewed. She got me a great quote so I switched. I look forward to working with Missy and the Gerety Team.

– Lisa Ruzicka

“Highly Recommend”

Rick Gerety and team are awesome! Just had an excellent experience with Missy Hall in particular. She went way above and beyond! Highly recommend!

– Tiffani Mitchell

“The Best!!”

Our need for boat insurance was expertly, efficiently, and professionally obtained by the personal skill of Missy Hall of Gerety Insurance; thank you so much for the time and expertise in obtaining the best possible insurance for our specific needs. You are the best!!

– Mark Michie