As the weather warms up and more people hit the roads for leisure activities, it’s essential to remember the importance of safe driving practices. April is the designated Distracted Driving Awareness month, an excellent time to focus on preventing one of the leading causes of car accidents – distracted driving. 

In honor of this month, we want to emphasize the importance of road safety. In this article, we’ll discuss the impact of COVID-19 on distracted driving trends, and provide practical tips to help drivers avoid distracted driving accidents. So buckle up, and let’s get started!


COVID-19 Changed Distracted Driving Trends

Historically, distracted driving incidents have had a seasonal pattern, with higher rates occurring in summer and lower in winter. The start of the pandemic in April 2020 caused a shift in this seasonal trend, as CMT found that distracted driving incidents increased by over 18% nationwide. Distracted driving continued to rise alongside the pandemic at an alarming rate, with nighttime distraction being the most impacted. 

NHTSA reported that in 2020, distracted driving was responsible for the deaths of 3,142 individuals, and it’s expected this number has grown significantly with distracted driving trends during and post the pandemic. 

With these numbers on the rise, you can protect yourself and others by learning to avoid distracted driving accidents.


Stay Safe on the Road: Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of road accidents worldwide, and the numbers are only rising. With the increasing use of technology and a fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to get distracted while driving, so staying focused behind the wheel is essential. 

Here are some tips on how to avoid distracted driving incidents and keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road:

1. Put your phone away

 Keep your phone out of reach and out of sight while driving. If it rings, let it go to voicemail; you can easily retrieve your messages later.

2. Use hands-free technology

If you need to use your phone while driving, use hands-free technology such as Bluetooth or a speakerphone, but don’t let conversations distract you. Keep them brief, and focus on the road.

3. Set your GPS before driving

Set your GPS before driving to avoid fiddling with it while on the road.

4. Avoid eating while driving

Eating while driving can be distracting, so eat before or after your trip.

5. Don’t groom while driving

Applying makeup or fixing your hair while driving can be extremely dangerous. Plan, so you have time to get ready before leaving for your destination.

6. Pull over to handle children or pets

If you need to attend to your children or pets, first pull over to a safe location.

7. Don’t multitask

Avoid multitasking while driving. Learn to use equipment like stereo or climate controls without taking your eyes off the road. Practice off-road to prepare for driving without these distractions.

8. Secure loose items

Secure any loose items in your vehicle to avoid them becoming distractions.

9. Communicate needs to passengers

Have passengers assist you if you need something – using GPS, changing the radio, etc. – and be firm in letting them know if they’re distracting you.

10. Take breaks

Take regular breaks to rest, check your phone, stretch your legs, and stay alert.

11. Use your blinker

Turn signals provide an effective means of communication to let other drivers know where you are going so that they can act accordingly.

By following these tips and being vigilant on the road, you can do your part to avoid distracted driving accidents and keep yourself and others safe.


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